What if earth lost Oxygen for 5 seconds?

If it’s only 5 seconds, then we do not notice changes in our inhalation.

But do you know what will happen to us?

Earth’s crust contains 45% oxygen. Without oxygen, the crust breaks, which causes the soil to decay and we become free. The structure of buildings, bridges and concrete will be filled in the dust, because oxygen is a binding agent for concrete. The car will stop and the planes will fall from the sky because their burn engine will not work without oxygen. Losing oxygen means losing 21% of air pressure. This causes our inner ear to explode, causing a loss of hearing. It will suddenly become darker.

Do you know why?

To reach sunlight, it needs to bounce air particles like oxygen, dust etc. No oxygen does not mean that very few particles are used to stop the bounce, so there is a lot more to it.

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